Mr. Xcoder's Realm

Hi, I'm Mr. Xcoder, a 16 year old teen from Romania, with interests ranging from science and mathematics to esoteric programming. The flair below is some sort of illustration of what I like:

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Avid user of Code Golf & Coding Challenges – Unlike other Stack Exchange sites, PPCG is a place where people write challenges and gifted programmers or nerds write some obfuscated solutions just for fun. Come join us!

Somewhat active user of Mathematics.SE – A site full of brilliant people, ready to help when you encounter difficulties. This site is an awsome reference, with questions and answers from nearly any branch of math.

Occasionally hanging around Puzzling – Similar to PPCG, this site is a collection of riddles and puzzles of varying difficulty. The users of this site never stop surprising me with their skills.

Retired user of Stack Overflow – The older questions on this programming Q&A site serve as a good reference for anyone willing to learn how to code. Unfortunately, over the last years, the quality of the questions and answers from SO has dropped significantly, and now everything feels like a massive rep-grab. What a shame!